Music Schedule:
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Days & Times:

Thursday, Friday, Saturday Nights:  5:30 – 8:00pm

Saturday Afternoons: 1:30-3:30pm

Sunday Afternoons: 2-5pm


Thursday 15th     Kicking the Mule

Friday 16th          Midnight Flyer

Saturday 17th      Afternoon Eric Eckstein

Saturday 17th      Evening   Wall of Blues

Sunday 18th         Unplugged Acoustic in the Beer Garden with the Breedloves

Thursday 22nd     B3B4

Friday  23rd         4th Friday w/Don Bassey & Friends Jeff Campitelli, Erik Schramm, Jeff Tamelier, Dan De Shara

Saturday 24th      Afternoon   Ben Benkert

Saturday 24th      Evening      The Dawdlers

Sunday  25th        Unplugged Acoustic in the Beer Garden with Shaana Keller 2-5PM

Thursday 29th     Eric Eckstein

Friday 30th          JimBoTrout


Saturday  1st        Afternoon   Amber Snider Band

Saturday 1st         Evening    Leo Rising

Sunday 2nd          An Afternoon of Irish Music with Vince Wolfe, Lewis Santer & Friends

Thursday 6th        Bruce Brophy & Paul Trombetta Acoustic Duo

Friday  7th             Jeff Campitelli Project

Saturday 8th        Afternoon  Ben Benkert

Saturday  8th       Evening   Groove Dragons

Sunday 9th           Unplugged Acoustic in the Beer Garden with the Cork Pullers

Thursday  13th     Debra Lee and Her Brad Habit

Friday  14th           The New Frantics

Saturday 15th        Afternoon  Acoustic Songbook with Erin Bakke & Don Bassey

Saturday 15th         Evening    Idlewild West

Sunday 16th           Unplugged Acoustic in the Beer Garden with Bizzy Lewis

Thursday  20th      JimBo Trout

Friday 21st             The Dr. D Band

Saturday  22nd      Afternoon John Paul Hodge

Saturday 22nd        Evening   The KillBillies

Sunday 23rd           Unplugged Acoustic in the Beer Garden with the Cork Pullers

Thursday 27th        Amber Snider Duo

Friday 28th             4th Friday with Don Bassey & Friends

Saturday 29th         Afternoon 12:30-3:30 Wasted Rangers  “Waterfront Festival Weekend”

Saturday  29th       Evening Bodhi Shrugs   “Waterfront Festival Weekend”

Sunday 30th         Unplugged Acoustic  Blue Moon Brothers “Waterfront FestivalWeekend”